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6.26.  Configure Grid

The Configure Grid command lets you set the properties of the grid which you can display over your image while you are working on it. The GIMP provides only Cartesian grids. You can choose the color of the grid lines, and the spacing and offsets from the origin of the image, independently for the horizontal and vertical grid lines. You can choose one of five different grid styles.

6.26.1.  Activating the Command

  • You can access this command from the image menubar through ImageConfigure Grid.

6.26.2.  Description of the “Configure Grid” dialog

Figure 15.77.  The “Configure grid” dialog

The Configure grid dialog


In the Configure Image Grid dialog, you can set the properties of the grid which is shown when you turn on the image grid.

Line style
Intersections (dots)

This style, the least conspicuous, shows a simple dot at each intersection of the grid lines.

Intersections (crosshairs)

This style, the default, shows a plus-shaped crosshair at each intersection of the grid lines.


This style shows dashed lines in the foreground color of the grid. If the lines are too close together, the grid won't look good.

Double dashed

This style shows dashed lines, where the foreground and background colors of the grid alternate.


This style shows solid grid lines in the foreground color of the grid.

Foreground and Background colors

Click on the color dwell to select a new color for the grid.


Width and Height

You can select the cell size of the grid and the unit of measurement.


Width and Height

You can set the offset of the first cell. The coordinate origin is the upper left corner of the image. By default, the grid begins at the coordinate origin, (0,0).

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire