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12.11.2. iPod Connectivity

Because of the proprietary nature of the Apple iPod, it can be difficult to use it with a computer with a Linux operating system like Fedora. Unfortunately, Apple has not (and has never announced plans to) release a Linux version of iTunes , and iTunes is not yet stable through Wine (a piece of software that allows many programs designed for Windows to work on Linux). Luckily, there are several high-quality tools available for Linux users to manage media content on the iPod. Among them are gtkpod , YamiPod , and tools built into media players such as AmaroK , Rhythmbox , and Banshee .
The Fedora Project does not by default offer the ability to interact with the Apple iPod. However, you can use Gtkpod can be used to sync music, podcasts, and other content to your iPod.
Gtkpod is not installed by default from the Live-CD or the DVD. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can use the Fedora DVD to install Gtkpod . You can install applications with either using the PackageKit application or on the command line by using Yum . Refer to Chapter 17, Managing software for more information.
Start Gtkpod by clicking Applications > Music and Video > gtkpod in GNOME or Kickoff Application Launcher > Applications > Multimedia > iPod Manager .
For further help on iPod support through Gtkpod , refer to the Gtkpod website at

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