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12.9.4. Kaffeine

Kaffeine is a media player that can play streaming content, DVBs, DVDs, and CDs. To get streaming content over the web, you need a Mozilla plug-in for the program, which is available from For more information about Kaffeine generally, refer to the JuK website at Using Kaffeine Media Player

The first window that opens contains five shortcut icons:
  • Play Playlist takes you to a current playlist.
  • Audio CD encoding will help you rip tracks from a CD.
  • Play Audio CD plays a CD.
  • Play DVD plays a DVD.
  • Play VCD plays a VCD.
On the left side of the window are four small icons:
  • The KDE icon,'' on top, brings up the first window, wherever you are in the program.
  • The Kaffeine icon opens the Player Window .
  • Clicking the next icon opens the Playlist .
  • The disc icon' takes you to the Play CD window that lists the details of the CD.
The toolbar along the bottom of this window allows you to Play , Pause , Skip Backward or Forward , Stop , and Adjust the Volume .
The top menu panel has:
  • File which allows you to Open a File , URL or Directory , Open a DVD , VCD , Audio CD and Network Broadcasting . You can also Save Stream , Save a Screenshot , Quit with Options , or Quit .
  • From the View menu you have the options for the Full Screen Mode , Minimal Mode , Toggle Playlist/Player , Enable Auto Resize or Keep Original Aspect .
  • Selecting Player gives you the option to Play , Pause , Stop , go to the Next track or Previous track, Fast Forward , Slow Motion , and Jump to Position . You can also Navigate a DVD , CD , Video , configure Subtitles , access Track Info and enable or disable Plugins .
  • The Playlist drop-down lets you Shuffle , Repeat , Download covers , Clear Current Playlist , start a New Playlist , Import , Save or Remove a Playlist .
  • Settings allow you to select a Player Engine (Xine or GStreamer), choose the Toolbars , Configure Shortcuts , Toolbars and Kaffeine Player , and to set xine Engine Paramenters .
  • Clicking Help > Kaffeine Player Handbook or pressing the F1 key, opens the manual.

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