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9.4. Kmail

Kmail is the standard email client used in KDE it is installed by default from the Fedora KDE Live CD and is also included in the DVD. To start Kmail in KDE, click the Kmenu > Applications > Internet > Email menu entry for Kmail , or in GNOME, click Applications > Internet > Kmail in GNOME.

9.4.1. Configuring Kmail

Running the software for the first time displays the main Kmail page with links to help locations. To add a new account in the future, or to modify an existing account, click Settings > Configure Kmail . In the dialog that appears, select Accounts then press the Add button to launch the Kmail Account Assistant again.
To configure your account, you will need your email information from your internet service or email provider.
  1. Click Settings > Configure Kmail
  2. Click Accounts > Add . A dialog will ask you for the type of account you wish to configure.
  3. When you select the appropriate account type, a dialog will show you the different settings available for your account. Add your personal email configuration information to Account Name , Login , Password , Host . The other default settings can be left alone.

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