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Eclipse Plug-in Developer Guide
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Ant tasks provided by the platform

The platform provides some useful Ant tasks and properties that interact with the workspace. They can be used with buildfiles that are set to build within the same JRE as the workspace.


This task is a wrapper to the IResource.refreshLocal() method. Example:

<eclipse.refreshLocal resource="MyProject/MyFolder" depth="infinite"/>
  • resource is a resource path relative to the workspace 
  • depth can be one of the following: zero, one or infinite


When the project attribute is supplied, this task is a wrapper to . Otherwise, this task is a wrapper to the method: .


<eclipse.incrementalBuild project="MyProject" kind="incremental"/>
  • project the name of the project to be built
  • kind the kind of build to perform. Possible values include:
    • "incremental" to perform an incremental build
    • "full" to discard existing builder state and rebuild everything from scratch
    • "clean" to discard existing builder state but not rebuild
  • builder the name of the builder to run; If this value is not specified all builders are run


Converts a file system path to a resource path or vice-versa. The resulting value is assigned to the given property. The property attribute must be specified, as well as either the fileSystemPath or resourcePath attribute. When a file system path is supplied, this task is a wrapper to IWorkspaceRoot.getContainerForLocation(IPath) . When a resource path is supplied, this task is a wrapper to IResource.getLocation() .


<eclipse.convertPath fileSystemPath="${basedir}" property="myPath"/>
<eclipse.convertPath resourcePath="MyProject/MyFile" property="myPath"/>

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire