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Eclipse JavaServer Faces Tooling User Guide
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JSF Core Tag Library Support

The following table of attributes for the JSF Core tag library indicates whether or not the attribute value is supported for either validation or content assist:

Attribute Validation Content Assist
actionListener Y Y
dateStyle Y Y
timeStyle Y Y
type Y Y
groupingUsed Y Y
integerOnly Y Y
maxFractionDigits Y N
maxIntegerDigits Y N
minFractionDigits Y N
converterId Y Y
itemDisabled Y Y
value Y* Y
rendered Y Y
maximum Y N
minimum Y Y
validatorId Y Y
escape Y Y
binding Y Y
id Y N
  • * - only "selectItem" element for an EL expression is being validated for runtime type currently
  • Any attribute not explicitly mentioned here does not support validation or content assist in this release.
  • "Boolean" type attributes are validated according to the JSP specification which uses Boolean.valueOf(StringValue). This means that seemingly invalid Strings as boolean evaluate to false. ex. "blue" means false

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