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 Creating a Windows Source Package from the Latest Development Source

To create a Windows source package from the current BitKeeper source tree, use the instructions here. This procedure must be performed on a system running a Unix or Unix-like operating system because some of the configuration and build steps require tools that work only on Unix. For example, the following procedure is known to work well on Linux.

  1. Copy the BitKeeper source tree for MySQL 5.1. For instructions on how to do this, see Section 2.8.3, “Installing from the Development Source Tree”.

  2. Configure and build the distribution so that you have a server binary to work with. One way to do this is to run the following command in the top-level directory of your source tree:

    shell> ./BUILD/compile-pentium-max
  3. After making sure that the build process completed successfully, run the following utility script from top-level directory of your source tree:

    shell> ./scripts/make_win_src_distribution

    This script creates a Windows source package to be used on your Windows system. You can supply different options to the script based on your needs. It accepts the following options:

    • --help

      Display a help message.

    • --debug

      Print information about script operations, do not create package.

    • --tmp

      Specify the temporary location.

    • --suffix

      The suffix name for the package.

    • --dirname

      Directory name to copy files (intermediate).

    • --silent

      Do not print verbose list of files processed.

    • --tar

      Create tar.gz package instead of .zip package.

    By default, make_win_src_distribution creates a Zip-format archive with the name, where VERSION represents the version of your MySQL source tree.

  4. Copy or upload the Windows source package that you have just created to your Windows machine. To compile it, use the instructions in Section, “Building MySQL Using VC++”.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire