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C.4. Libraries used by and included with MySQL

The following is a list of the creators of the libraries we have included with the MySQL server source to make it easy to compile and install MySQL. We are very thankfully to all individuals that have created these and it has made our life much easier.

  • Fred Fish

    For his excellent C debugging and trace library. Monty has made a number of smaller improvements to the library (speed and additional options).

  • Richard A. O'Keefe

    For his public domain string library.

  • Henry Spencer

    For his regex library, used in WHERE column REGEXP regexp.

  • Chris Provenzano

    Portable user level pthreads. From the copyright: This product includes software developed by Chris Provenzano, the University of California, Berkeley, and contributors. We are currently using version 1_60_beta6 patched by Monty (see mit-pthreads/Changes-mysql).

  • Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler

    For the zlib library (used on MySQL on Windows).

  • Bjorn Benson

    For his safe_malloc (memory checker) package which is used in when you configure MySQL with --debug.

  • Free Software Foundation

    The readline library (used by the mysql command-line client).

  • The NetBSD foundation

    The libedit package (optionally used by the mysql command-line client).

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire