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5.10.7. Problems With Character Sets

If you try to use a character set that is not compiled into your binary, you might run into the following problems:

  • Your program uses an incorrect path to determine where the character sets are stored. (Default /usr/local/mysql/share/mysql/charsets). This can be fixed by using the --character-sets-dir option when you run the program in question.

  • The character set is a multi-byte character set that cannot be loaded dynamically. In this case, you must recompile the program with support for the character set.

  • The character set is a dynamic character set, but you do not have a configure file for it. In this case, you should install the configure file for the character set from a new MySQL distribution.

  • If your Index file does not contain the name for the character set, your program displays the following error message:

    ERROR 1105: File '/usr/local/share/mysql/charsets/?.conf'
    not found (Errcode: 2)

    In this case, you should either get a new Index file or manually add the name of any missing character sets to the current file.

For MyISAM tables, you can check the character set name and number for a table with myisamchk -dvv tbl_name.

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