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D.1.4. Changes in release 5.1.5 (10 January 2006)

Functionality added or changed:


  • Added the INFORMATION_SCHEMA PLUGINS table and the SHOW PLUGIN statement.

  • Added the binlog_format system variable that controls whether to use row-based or statement-based binary logging. Added the --binlog-format and --binlog-row-event-max-size server options for binary logging control. See Section 6.3, “Row-Based Replication”.

  • Plugins now can have status variables that are displayed in the output from SHOW STATUS. See Section 27.2.5, “Writing Plugins”.

  • Added the XML functions ExtractValue() and UpdateXML(). ExtractValue() returns the content of a fragment of XML matching a given XPath expression. UpdateXML() replaces the element selected from a fragment of XML by an XPath expression supplied by the user with a second XML fragment (also user-supplied), and returns the modified XML. See Section 12.9, “XML Functions”.

  • Added the --base64-output option to mysqlbinlog to print all binary log entries using base64 encoding. This is for debugging only. Logs produced using this option should not be applied on production systems.

  • Added the --port-open-timeout option to mysqld to control how many seconds the server should wait for the TCP/IP port to become free if it cannot be opened. (Bug #15591)

  • Two new Hungarian collations are included: utf8_hungarian_ci and ucs2_hungarian_ci. These support the correct sort order for Hungarian vowels. However, they do not support the correct order for sorting Hungarian consonant contractions; this issue will be fixed in a future release.

Bugs fixed:

  • InnoDB: An UPDATE statement with no index column in the WHERE condition locked all the rows in the table. (Bug #3300)

  • INSERT DELAYED caused mysqld to crash. (Bug #16095)

  • The output of mysqldump --triggers did not contain the DEFINER clause in dumped trigger definitions. (Bug #15110)

  • The output of SHOW TRIGGERS contained extraneous whitespace. (Bug #15103)

  • An INSERT ... SELECT statement between tables in a MERGE set can return errors when statement involves insert into child table from merge table or vice-versa. (Bug #5390)

  • A COMMIT statement followed by a ALTER TABLE statement on a BDB table caused server crash. (Bug #14212)

  • InnoDB: Comparison of indexed VARCHAR CHARACTER SET ucs2 COLLATE ucs2_bin columns using LIKE could fail. (Bug #14583)

  • Creating a trigger caused a server crash if the table or trigger database was not known because no default database had been selected. (Bug #14863)

  • Issuing a DROP USER command could cause some users to encounter a hostname is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server error. (Bug #15775)

  • The --plugin_dir option was not working. Also fix error with specifying parser name for fulltext. (Bug #16068)

  • Attempting to insert into a table partitioned by LIST a value less than any specified in one of the table's partition definitions resulted in a server crash. In such cases, mysqld now returns ERROR 1500 (HY000): Table has no partition for value v , where v is the out-of-range value. (Bug #15819)

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire