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16.5.5. Command Options for MySQL Cluster Processes

All MySQL Cluster executables (except for mysqld) take the options described in this section. Users of earlier MySQL Cluster versions should note that some of these options have been changed from those in MySQL 4.1 Cluster to make them consistent with one another as well as with mysqld. You can use the --help option to view a list of supported options.

The following sections describe options specific to individual NDB programs.

  • --help --usage, -?

    Prints a short list with descriptions of the available command options.

  • --connect-string=connect_string, -c connect_string

    connect_string sets the connectstring to the management server as a command option.

    shell> ndbd --connect-string="nodeid=2;"
  • --debug[=options]

    This option can only be used for versions compiled with debugging enabled. It is used to enable output from debug calls in the same manner as for the mysqld process.

  • --execute=command -e command

    Can be used to send a command to a Cluster executable from the system shell. For example, either of the following:

    shell> ndb_mgm -e show


    shell> ndb_mgm --execute="SHOW"

    is equivalent to

    NDB> SHOW;

    This is analogous to how the --execute or -e option works with the mysql command-line client. See Section 4.3.1, “Using Options on the Command Line”.

  • --version, -V

    Prints the version number of the ndbd process. The version number is the MySQL Cluster version number. The version number is relevant because not all versions can be used together, and at startup the MySQL Cluster processes verifies that the versions of the binaries being used can co-exist in the same cluster. This is also important when performing an online software upgrade of MySQL Cluster.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire