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26.4.8. Running within a JMX Agent (custom)

If you are not using the SUN Reference implementation of the JMX libraries, you should skip this section. Or, if you are deploying to JBoss, you also may wish to skip to the next section.

We want to see the MysqldDynamicMBean in action inside of a JMX agent. In the package is a custom JMX agent with two MBeans:

  1. the MysqldDynamicMBean, and

  2. a com.sun.jdmk.comm.HtmlAdaptorServer, which provides a web interface for manipulating the beans inside of a JMX agent.

When this very simple agent is started, it will allow a MySQL database to be started and stopped with a web browser.

  1. Complete the testing of the platform as above.

    • current JDK, JUnit, Connector/J, MySQL Connector/MXJ

    • this section requires the SUN reference implementation of JMX


  2. If not building from source, skip to next step

    rebuild with the "sunri.present"

    ant -Dsunri.present=true dist 
    re-run tests:
    java junit.textui.TestRunner
  3. launch the test agent from the command line:

    java &
  4. from a browser:

  5. under MysqldAgent,

    select "name=mysqld"
  6. Observe the MBean View

  7. scroll to the bottom of the screen press the startMysqld button

  8. click Back to MBean View

  9. scroll to the bottom of the screen press stopMysqld button

  10. kill the java process running the Test Agent (jmx server)

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire