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26.2.1. Introduction

MySQL Connector/NET enables developers to easily create .NET applications that require secure, high-performance data connectivity with MySQL. It implements the required ADO.NET interfaces and integrates into ADO.NET aware tools. Developers can build applications using their choice of .NET languages. MySQL Connector/NET is a fully managed ADO.NET driver written in 100% pure C#.

MySQL Connector/NET includes full support for:

  • MySQL 5.0 features (such as stored procedures)

  • MySQL 4.1 features (server-side prepared statements, Unicode, and shared memory access, and so forth)

  • Large-packet support for sending and receiving rows and BLOBs up to 2 gigabytes in size.

  • Protocol compression which allows for compressing the data stream between the client and server.

  • Support for connecting using TCP/IP sockets, named pipes, or shared memory on Windows.

  • Support for connecting using TCP/IP sockets or Unix sockets on Unix.

  • Support for the Open Source Mono framework developed by Novell.

  • Fully managed, does not utilize the MySQL client library.

The developers of MySQL Connector/NET greatly value the input of our users in the software development process. If you find MySQL Connector/NET lacking some feature important to you, or if you discover a bug and need to file a bug report, please use the instructions in Section 1.8, “How to Report Bugs or Problems”.

Additional resources

This document is intended as a user's guide to MySQL Connector/NET and not as a syntax reference. If you need detailed syntax information you should read the Documentation.chm file included with the MySQL Connector/NET distribution.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire