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14.5.5. Things We Need to Fix for BDB

  • Opening many BDB tables at the same time may be quite slow. If you are going to use BDB tables, you should not have a very large table cache (for example, with a size larger than 256) and you should use the --no-auto-rehash option when you use the mysql client.

  • SHOW TABLE STATUS does not provide some information for BDB tables:

    mysql> SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE 'bdbtest'\G
    *************************** 1. row ***************************
               Name: bdbtest
             Engine: BerkeleyDB
            Version: 10
         Row_format: Dynamic
               Rows: 154
     Avg_row_length: 0
        Data_length: 0
    Max_data_length: 0
       Index_length: 0
          Data_free: 0
     Auto_increment: NULL
        Create_time: NULL
        Update_time: NULL
         Check_time: NULL
          Collation: latin1_swedish_ci
           Checksum: NULL
  • Optimize performance.

  • Change to use no page locks for table scanning operations.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire