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12.4.1. Arithmetic Operators

The usual arithmetic operators are available. Note that in the case of -, +, and *, the result is calculated with BIGINT (64-bit) precision if both arguments are integers. If one of the arguments is an unsigned integer, and the other argument is also an integer, the result is an unsigned integer. See Section 12.8, “Cast Functions and Operators”.

  • +


    mysql> SELECT 3+5;
            -> 8
  • -


    mysql> SELECT 3-5;
            -> -2
  • -

    Unary minus. This operator changes the sign of the argument.

    mysql> SELECT - 2;
            -> -2

    Note: If this operator is used with a BIGINT, the return value is also a BIGINT. This means that you should avoid using on integers that may have the value of –263.

  • *


    mysql> SELECT 3*5;
            -> 15
    mysql> SELECT 18014398509481984*18014398509481984.0;
            -> 324518553658426726783156020576256.0
    mysql> SELECT 18014398509481984*18014398509481984;
            -> 0

    The result of the last expression is incorrect because the result of the integer multiplication exceeds the 64-bit range of BIGINT calculations. (See Section 11.2, “Numeric Types”.)

  • /


    mysql> SELECT 3/5;
            -> 0.60

    Division by zero produces a NULL result:

    mysql> SELECT 102/(1-1);
            -> NULL

    A division is calculated with BIGINT arithmetic only if performed in a context where its result is converted to an integer.

  • DIV

    Integer division. Similar to FLOOR(), but is safe with BIGINT values.

    mysql> SELECT 5 DIV 2;
            -> 2

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