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6 Wireless Linux Security

The saying goes that a chain is only as strong as its weekest link and network security is no exception to this rule. In previous chapters we've looked a number of places where you can improve the level of security of your Linux system. We will now look at another area of Linux security that, if not implemented correctly, will make all the other security precautions ineffective. This is the area of wireless security.

Home and business networks are now increasingly going wireless. This has many benefits primarily in terms of convenience. Wireless networks mean that network cable doesn't have to run wherever a computer needs to be installed and you can get network and internet access anywhere as long as you are within the range of wireless base station. This, for example, gives users freedom to use their laptops in places in a building where there is no network connection available.

There is one big draw back to wireless networks in that they provide another point of security vulnerability in the network. No matter how secure you have made you have made your firewall and your Linux system if you have not also secured your wireless network a hacker can very easily eaves drop and monitor all the traffic on your network to get information such as system passwords and bank account login and password information. Even worse, if your wireless network is wide open intruders can connect to your network and potentially access all of your systems.

Carefully configuring your firewall and Linux system whilst leaving your wireless network unprotected is akin to locking the front door of your house but leaving the windows open.

Fortunately securing a wireless network is straightforward and can be implemented with a few simple steps. In this chapter we will explore the world of wireless security and show you how to ensure your wireless network is as secure is at can be made with current wireless technology.

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