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Attribute for <AREA ...>

Looking for info on how to make an image map?

See our tutorial How to Make an Image Map
NOHREF indicates that the <AREA ...> is not a link.

Of course, NOHREF doesn't make much sense unless the area is in a map that uses <AREA SHAPE=DEFAULT> or the area overlies another area that does have an HREF. For example, suppose we wanted an image map in which a circle in the map is a link, but a smaller circle inside the link circle is not a link. We could accomplish that by first putting the tag for the inner area (earlier <AREA ...> tags overlay later <AREA ...> tags), and using the NOHREF atribute, then putting the tag for the outer <AREA ...>:


<MAP NAME="map1">
   SHAPE=CIRCLE COORDS="79,79, 56">

   ALT="The Circle" TITLE="The Circle"
   SHAPE=CIRCLE COORDS="79,79, 78">

<IMG SRC="../graphics/circleincircle.gif"
   HEIGHT=158 WIDTH=158 ALT="Click the O!" BORDER=0

[ <A HREF="thecircle.html">The O</A> ]


which gives us:

The Circle Click the O!
[ The O ]

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