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Usage Recommendation
use it, but don't rely on it

  • COLS: how many cols in the frameset
  • ROWS: how many rows in the frameset
  • FRAMEBORDER: if the frames should have borders

<FRAMESET ...> defines the general layout of a web page that uses frames. <FRAMESET ...> is used in conjunction with <FRAME ...> and <NOFRAMES>.

<FRAMESET ...> creates a "table of documents" in which each rectangle (called a "frame") in the table holds a separate document. In its simplest use, <FRAMESET ...> states how many columns and/or rows will be in the "table". You must use either the COLS or the ROWS attributes or both. For example, this code creates a set of frames that is two columns wide and two rows deep:

this code produces this
<TITLE>A Basic Example of Frames</TITLE>

<FRAMESET ROWS="75%, *" COLS="*, 40%">
     <FRAME SRC="framea.html">
     <FRAME SRC="frameb.html">
     <FRAME SRC="framec.html">
     <FRAME SRC="framed.html">

this page

<FRAMESET ...> itself only define how many rows and columns of frames there will be. <FRAME ...> defines what files will actual go into those frames.

<FRAMESET ...> can be nested within another <FRAMESET ...> to create a "table within a table". By doing this you can create frames that are not strict grids like in the example above. This set of nested framesets creates the popular "title and sidebar" layout.

this code produces this
<TITLE>Great Recipes</TITLE>

     <FRAME SRC="recipetitlebar.html" NAME=TITLE SCROLLING=NO>

     <FRAMESET COLS="20%,*">
          <FRAME SRC="recipesidebar.html" NAME=SIDEBAR>
          <FRAME SRC="recipes.html" NAME=RECIPES>

this page

Frames within frames The first <FRAMESET ...> creates a "table" of two rows and only one column (because there is no COLS attribute). The first row in the frameset is filled in by the first <FRAME ...>. The row in the frameset is filled in not by a frame but by another <FRAMESET ...>. This inner frameset has two columns, which are filled in by two <FRAMESET ...>'s.

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