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The Guide to Writing SELinux Policy
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14. Policy tools

A number of tools have been developed for SE Linux. Some are listed below, with links to the appropriate tools. I have not played around with them much myself, but please visit the sites of the authors for more information.

Tresys Technologies: SE Linux Policy Tools
Tresys have developed tools for the analysis of the SE Linux policy, a GUI and command line tool to assist with managing your SE Linux system, a GUI tool to browse and modify policy components, a policy debugging application, a tool for viewing policy statistics and a tool to search TE (type enforcement) rules. Please visit for more information.

Mitre have developed a policy analysis tool, available at the NSA's SE Linux download site.

audit2allow was written by Justin R. Smith with contributions by Yuichi Nakamura and others not mentioned anywhere (apologies to those people). audit2allow takes the output of dmesg, analyses the avc denied messages and comes up with rules you can apply to fix those denied messages. It is included in the Debian package and Fedora rpm policycoreutils.

The Guide to Writing SELinux Policy
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