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This manual was written in the DocBook XML v4.3 format.
This book is based on the original work of Jan Mark Holzer, Justin Clift and Chris Curran.
This book is edited and maintained by Scott Radvan.
Other writing credits go to:
  • Daniel Berrange contributed various sections on libvirt.
  • Don Dutile contributed technical editing for the para-virtualized drivers section.
  • Barry Donahue contributed technical editing for the para-virtualized drivers section.
  • Rick Ring contributed technical editing for the Virtual Machine Manager Section.
  • Michael Kearey contributed technical editing for the sections on using XML configuration files with virsh and virtualized floppy drives.
  • Marco Grigull contributed technical editing for the software compatibility and performance section.
  • Eugene Teo contributed technical editing for the Managing Guests with virsh section.
Publican, the publishing tool which produced this book, was written by Jeffrey Fearn.
Due to technical limitations, the translators credited in this section are those who worked on previous versions of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization Guide and the Fedora Virtualization Guide.
To find out who translated the current version of the guide, visit These translators will receive credit in subsequent versions of this guide.
  • Simplified Chinese
    • Leah Wei Liu
  • Traditional Chinese
    • Chester Cheng
    • Terry Chuang
  • Japanese
    • Kiyoto Hashida
  • Korean
    • Eun-ju Kim
  • Dutch
    • Geert Warrink
  • French
    • Sam Friedmann
  • German
    • Hedda Peters
  • Greek
    • Nikos Charonitakis
  • Italian
    • Silvio Pierro
    • Francesco Valente
  • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Glaucia de Freitas
    • Leticia de Lima
  • Spanish
    • Domingo Becker
    • H├ęctor Daniel Cabrera
    • Angela Garcia
    • Gladys Guerrero
  • Russian
    • Yuliya Poyarkova

  Published under the terms of the Creative Commons License Design by Interspire