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A.2.3. The dmsetup status Command

The dmsetup status device command provides status information for each target in a specified device. If you do not specify a device name, the output is information about all of the currently configured Device Mapper devices. You can list the status only of devices that have at least one target of a specified type with the dmsetup status --target target_type command.
The following example shows the command to list the status of the targets in all currently configured mapped devices.
[[email protected] ~]# dmsetup status
testgfsvg-testgfslv3: 0 312352768 linear 
testgfsvg-testgfslv2: 0 312352768 linear 
testgfsvg-testgfslv1: 0 312352768 linear 
testgfsvg-testgfslv1: 312352768 50331648 linear 
VolGroup00-LogVol01: 0 4063232 linear 
VolGroup00-LogVol00: 0 151912448 linear

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