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Thinking in Java
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JVM Profiling Interface

The profiler agent communicates the events it is interested in to the JVM. The JVM profiling interface supports the following events:

  • Enter and exit a method
  • Allocate, move, and free an object
  • Create and delete a heap arena
  • Begin and end a garbage collection cycle
  • Allocate and free a JNI global reference
  • Allocate and free a JNI weak global reference
  • Load and unload a compiled method
  • Start and end a thread
  • Class file data ready for instrumentation
  • Load and unload a class
  • For a Java monitor under contention: Wait To Enter , entered, and exit
  • For a raw monitor under contention: Wait To Enter, entered, and exit
  • For an uncontended Java monitor: Wait and waited
  • Monitor Dump
  • Heap Dump
  • Object Dump
  • Request to dump or reset profiling data
  • JVM initialization and shutdown

While profiling, the JVM sends these events to the profiler agent, which then transfers the desired information to the profiler front end, which can be a process running on another machine, if desired.
Thinking in Java
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   Reproduced courtesy of Bruce Eckel, MindView, Inc. Design by Interspire