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Ruby Programming
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Looking at Classes

Knowing about objects is one part of reflection, but to get the whole picture, you also need to be able to look at classes---the methods and constants that they contain.

Looking at the class hierarchy is easy. You can get the parent of any particular class using Class#superclass . For classes and modules, Module#ancestors lists both superclasses and mixed-in modules.

klass = Fixnum
  print klass
  klass = klass.superclass
  print " < " if klass
end while klass
p Fixnum.ancestors
Fixnum < Integer < Numeric < Object
[Fixnum, Integer, Precision, Numeric, Comparable, Object, Kernel]

If you want to build a complete class hierarchy, just run that code for every class in the system. We can use ObjectSpace to iterate over all Class objects:

ObjectSpace.each_object(Class) do |aClass|
   # ...
Ruby Programming
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