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Ruby Programming
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Directly Sharing Variables

Although you could maintain a C version of some variable along with a separate Ruby version of that variable, and struggle to keep the two in sync,[A clear violation of the DRY--Don't Repeat Yourself---principle described in our book The Pragmatic Programmer .] it would be much better to share a variable directly between Ruby and C. You can share global variables by creating a Ruby object on the C side and then binding its address to a Ruby global variable. In this case, the $ prefix is optional, but it helps clarify that this is a global variable.

VALUE hardware_list;
hardware_list = rb_ary_new();
rb_define_variable("$hardware", &hardware_list);
rb_ary_push(hardware_list, rb_str_new2("DVD"));
rb_ary_push(hardware_list, rb_str_new2("CDPlayer1"));
rb_ary_push(hardware_list, rb_str_new2("CDPlayer2"));

The Ruby side can then access the C variable hardware_list as $hardware:

$hardware ["DVD", "CDPlayer1", "CDPlayer2"]

You can also create hooked variables that will call a specified function when the variable is accessed, and virtual variables that only call the hooks---no actual variable is involved. See the API section that begins on page 189 for details.

If you create a Ruby object from C and store it in a C global variable without exporting it to Ruby, you must at least tell the garbage collector about it, lest ye be reaped inadvertently:

VALUE obj;
obj = rb_ary_new();
Ruby Programming
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