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7.5 Looping Techniques

When looping through dictionaries, the key and corresponding value can be retrieved at the same time using the items() method.

    >>> knights = {'gallahad': 'pure', 'robin': 'brave'}
    >>> for k, v in knights.items():
    ...     print k, 'the', v
    gallahad the pure
    robin the brave

To loop over two or more sequences at the same time, the entries can be paired with the zip() function.

    >>> questions = ['name', 'quest', 'favorite color']
    >>> answers = ['lancelot', 'the holy grail', 'blue']
    >>> for q, a in zip(questions, answers):
    ...     print 'What is your %s?  It is %s.' % (q, a)
    What is your name?  It is lancelot.
    What is your quest?  It is the holy grail.
    What is your favorite color?  It is blue.

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