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Quiz Questions
For Chapter 10

THIS PAGE CONTAINS A SAMPLE quiz on material from Chapter 10 of this on-line Java textbook. You should be able to answer these questions after studying that chapter. Sample answers to all the quiz questions can be found here.

Question 1: In Java, input/output is done using streams. Streams are an abstraction. Explain what this means and why it is important.

Question 2: Java has two types of streams: character streams and byte streams. Why? What is the difference between the two types of streams?

Question 3: What is a file? Why are files necessary?

Question 4: What is the point of the following statement?

      out = new PrintWriter( new FileWriter("data.dat") );

Why would you need a statement that involves two different stream classes, PrintWriter and FileWriter?

Question 5: The package includes a class named URL. What does an object of type URL represent, and how is it used?

Question 6: Explain what is meant by the client / server model of network communication.

Question 7: What is a Socket?

Question 8: What is a ServerSocket and how is it used?

Question 9: Network server programs are often multithreaded. Explain what this means and why it is true.

Question 10: Write a complete program that will display the first ten lines from a text file. The lines should be written to standard output, System.out. The file name is given as the command-line argument args[0]. You can assume that the file contains at least ten lines. Don't bother to make the program robust.

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