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openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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8.5 Configuring KPowersave

The KPowersave settings dialog comprises two different groups of settings:

Scheme Settings

Detailed configuration for all power management schemes supported by KPowersave.

General Settings

Miscellaneous options related to KPowersave's behavior, such as screen locking, auto-suspend, notification and autostart behavior.

8.5.1 Configuring Schemes

Power saving schemes in KPowersave offer controls to:

  • Enable or disable a screen saver

  • Enable or disable display power management

  • Change the brightness of your display to reduce power consumption

  • Enable or disable auto-suspend of your machine

  • Enable or disable notifications KPowersave events

You can modify any of the preconfigured schemes, but you cannot delete them or add new ones.

To configure a KPowersave scheme, proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click the panel icon and select Configure KPowersave > Scheme Settings.

  2. Select the scheme you want to modify.

  3. Open the Screen Saver and DPMS tab and determine whether your scheme requires specific tuning of the screen saver settings. If using your machine in presentation mode, you should consider disabling the screen saver altogether. If you want your display to automatically enter powersaving modes after a certain period of time, activate Enable specific display power management and enter the number of minutes after which the display should use power management.

  4. If your display hardware supports reducing the brightness for power saving reasons, open the Brightness tab, select Enable scheme specific Brightness settings and set the brightness value.

  5. If you want your machine to automatically suspend (to disk) after a certain period of time, open the Autosuspend tab, select Enable autosuspend and determine when the machine should automatically enter suspend. To avoid problems with applications whose state cannot be properly restored when your session is resumed, maintain a blacklist of these applications via Edit Blacklist. If any of these applications is running, KPowersave does not automatically suspend your desktop.

  6. If you want KPowersave to work quietly, turn of notifications for powersave events by entering the Miscellaneous tab and selecting Disable Notifications.

  7. Click OK to apply your settings and leave the configuration dialog.

8.5.2 Configuring General Settings

If you want the screen to be locked before the system enters suspend or standby, activate the Lock Screen control and choose a screen saver. A locked screen might keep unauthorized users off this machine.

If you want your machine to enter suspend after a certain period of idleness, be aware that several applications can cause problems with auto-suspend. Use a black list to keep KPowersave from triggering a suspend action when one or more of the listed applications are running.

To configure notifications, select Configure Notifications and proceed as described above. The dialog described here is exactly the same as if you had right-clicked the panel icon and selected Configure Notifications.

To configure KPowersave to be automatically started on login, select KPowersave starts automatically on login. If you select Never ask me again on exit, you will not be asked whether KPowersave should be automatically started when you exit a session that had not previously included KPowersave in the list of tasks to be started automatically.

openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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