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openSUSE 11.1 GNOME User Guide
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1.10 Printing

Before you can install a printer, you need to know the root password and have your printer information ready. Depending on how you connect to the printer, you might also need the printer URI, TCP/IP address or host, and the driver for the printer. A number of common printer drivers ship with openSUSE. If you cannot find a driver for the printer, check the printer manufacturer's Web site.

You can also use YaST to configure your printers, as described in Section 2.5, Setting Up a Printer, (↑ Start-Up ).

1.10.1 Installing a Local Printer

  1. Connect the printer cable to your computer and connect the printer's power supply.

    The printer dialog should open. If it doesn’t, click Computer > Control Center > Add Printer > New Printer to open it.

  2. Enter the root password.

  3. Click Local Printer.

  4. If the printer was autodetected, select the printer from the list. If the printer was not autodetected, click Use another printer by specifying a port and then select the correct printer port.

  5. Click Forward.

  6. Select the printer driver for this printer, then click Apply.

    You can also install a printer driver from a disk, or visit the printer manufacturer's Web site to download the latest driver.

  7. Specify desired options (such as a description or location) for the printer in the Properties dialog box, then click Close.

The installed printer appears in the Printers dialog box. You can now print to the printer from any application.

1.10.2 Monitoring Print Jobs in GNOME

Modifying Printer Settings

  1. Click Computer > Control Center > Printers.

  2. Right-click the printer you want to modify, then click Properties.

  3. Modify the properties, then click Close.

Canceling Print Jobs

  1. Click Computer > Control Center > Printer.

  2. Double-click the printer you sent the job to.

  3. Right-click the print job, then click Cancel.

    If the print job does not appear in the list, then the print job might have been printed already.

Deleting a Printer

  1. Click Computer > Control Center > Printer.

  2. Click Edit > Become Administrator.

  3. Type the root password, then click Continue.

  4. Right-click the printer you want to delete, then click Remove.

openSUSE 11.1 GNOME User Guide
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