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openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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9.7 Special Features in openSUSE

A number of CUPS features have been adapted for openSUSE. Some of the most important changes are covered here.

9.7.1 CUPS and Firewall

After having performed a default installation of openSUSE, SuSEfirewall2 is active and the network interfaces are configured to be in the External Zone which blocks incoming traffic. These default settings have to be adjusted when using CUPS. More information about the SUSEfirewall2 configuration is available in Section 33.4, SuSEfirewall2.

CUPS Client

Normally, a CUPS client runs on a regular workstation located in a trusted network environment behind a firewall. In this case it is recommended to configure the network interface to be in the Internal Zone, so the workstation is reachable from within the network.

CUPS Server

If the CUPS server is part of a trusted network environment protected by a firewall, the network interface should be configured to be in the Internal Zone of the firewall. It is not recommended to set up a CUPS server in an untrusted network environment unless you take care that it is protected by special firewall rules and secure settings in the CUPS configuration.

9.7.2 PPD Files in Various Packages

The YaST printer configuration sets up the queues for CUPS using only the PPD files installed in /usr/share/cups/model. To find the suitable PPD files for the printer model, YaST compares the vendor and model determined during hardware detection with the vendors and models in all PPD files available in /usr/share/cups/model on the system. For this purpose, the YaST printer configuration generates a database from the vendor and model information extracted from the PPD files. When you select a printer, receive the PPD files matching the vendor and model from the list of models.

The configuration using only PPD files and no other information sources has the advantage that the PPD files in /usr/share/cups/model can be modified freely. The YaST printer configuration recognizes changes and regenerates the vendor and model database. For example, if you only have PostScript printers, normally you do not need the Foomatic PPD files in the cups-drivers package or the Gutenprint PPD files in the gutenprint package. Instead, the PPD files for your PostScript printers can be copied directly to /usr/share/cups/model (if they do not already exist in the manufacturer-PPDs package) to achieve an optimum configuration for your printers.

CUPS PPD Files in the cups Package

The generic PPD files in the cups package have been complemented with adapted Foomatic PPD files for PostScript level 1 and level 2 printers:

  • /usr/share/cups/model/Postscript-level1.ppd.gz

  • /usr/share/cups/model/Postscript-level2.ppd.gz

PPD Files in the cups-drivers Package

Normally, the Foomatic printer filter foomatic-rip is used together with Ghostscript for non-PostScript printers. Suitable Foomatic PPD files have the entries *NickName: ... Foomatic/Ghostscript driver and *cupsFilter: ... foomatic-rip. These PPD files are located in the cups-drivers package.

YaST generally prefers a manufacturer-PPD file. However, when no suitable manufacturer-PPD file exists, a a Foomatic PPD file with the entry *NickName: ... Foomatic ... (recommended) is selected.

Gutenprint PPD Files in the gutenprint Package

Instead of foomatic-rip, the CUPS filter rastertogutenprint from Gutenprint (formerly known as GIMP-Print) can be used for many non-PostScript printers. This filter and suitable Gutenprint PPD files are available in the gutenprint package. The Gutenprint PPD files are located in /usr/share/cups/model/gutenprint/ and have the entries *NickName: ... CUPS+Gutenprint and *cupsFilter: ... rastertogutenprint.

PPD Files from Printer Manufacturers in the manufacturer-PPDs Package

The manufacturer-PPDs package contains PPD files from printer manufacturers that are released under a sufficiently liberal license. PostScript printers should be configured with the suitable PPD file of the printer manufacturer, because this file enables the use of all functions of the PostScript printer. YaST prefers a PPD file from the manufacturer-PPDs. YaST cannot use any PPD file from the manufacturer-PPDs package if the model name does not match. This may happen if the manufacturer-PPDs package contains only one PPD file for similar models, like Funprinter 12xx series. In this case, select the respective PPD file manually in YaST.

openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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