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openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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39.1 Documentation Directory

The traditional directory to find documentation on your installed Linux system is /usr/share/doc. Usually, the directory contains information about the packages installed on your system, release notes, manuals, and more.

NOTE: Contents Depends on Installed Packages

In the Linux world, many manuals and other kinds of documentation are available in form of packages, just like software. How much and which information you find in /usr/share/docs also depends on the (documentation) packages installed. If you cannot find the subdirectories mentioned here, check if the respective packages are installed on your system and add them with YaST, if needed.

39.1.1 Novell/SUSE Manuals

We provide HTML and PDF versions of our books in different languages. In the manual subdirectory, find HTML versions of most of the Novell/SUSE manuals available for your product. For an overview of all documentation available for your product refer to the preface of the manuals.

If more than one language is installed, /usr/share/doc/manual may contain different language versions of the manuals. The HTML versions of the Novell/SUSE manuals are also available in the help center of both desktops. For information where to find the PDF and HTML versions of the books on your installation media, refer to the openSUSE Release Notes. They are available on your installed system under /usr/share/doc/release-notes/ or online at your product-specific Web page at

39.1.2 HOWTOs

If the howto package is installed on your system, /usr/share/doc also holds the howto subdirectory, where you find additional documentation for many tasks relating to the setup and operation of Linux software.

39.1.3 Package Documentation

Under packages, find the documentation that is included in the software packages installed on your system. For every package, a subdirectory /usr/share/doc/packages/packagename is created. It often contains README files for the package and sometimes examples, configuration files, or additional scripts. The following list introduces typical files to be found under /usr/share/doc/packages. None of these entries is mandatory and many packages might just include a few of them.


List of the main developers.


Known bugs or malfunctions. Might also contain a link to a Bugzilla Web page where you can search all bugs.

CHANGES , ChangeLog

Summary of changes from version to version. Usually interesting for developers, because it is very detailed.


Licensing information.


Question and answers collected from mailing lists or newsgroups.


How to install this package on your system. As the package is already installed by the time you get to read this file, you can safely ignore the contents of this file.


General information on the software, for example, for what purpose and how to use it.


Things that are not implemented yet, but probably will be in the future.


List of files with a brief summary.


Description of what is new in this version.

openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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