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openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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29.0 Setting up a FTP server with YaST

Using the YaST FTP Server module, you can configure your machine to function as a FTP server. Anonymous and/or authenticated users can connect to your machine and download and, depending on the configuration, upload files using the FTP protocol. YaST provides a unified configuration interface for various FTP server daemons installed on your system.

The YaST FTP Server configuration module can be used to configure two different FTP server daemons: vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Daemon) and pure-ftpd. Only installed servers can be configured. Standard openSUSE media does not contain the pure-ftpd package. However, if the pure-ftpd package is installed from another repository, it can be configured using the YaST module.

The vsftpd and pure-ftpd servers have slightly different configuration options, especially in the Experts Settings dialog. This chapter describes the settings of the vsftpd for being the default server for openSUSE.

If the YaST FTP Server module is not available in your system, install the yast2-ftp-server package.

To configure the FTP server using YaST, follow these steps:

  1. Open YaST Control Center and choose Network Services > FTP Server or run the yast2 ftp-server command as root.

  2. If there is not any FTP server installed in your system, you will be asked which server to install when the YaST FTP Server module starts. Choose a server (vsftpd is the standard server for openSUSE) and confirm the dialog.

  3. In the Start-Up dialog, configure the starting of the FTP server. For more information, see Section 29.1, Starting the FTP server.

    In the General dialog, configure FTP directories, welcome message, file creation masks and various other paramaters. For more information, see Section 29.2, FTP General Settings.

    In the Performance dialog, set the parameters that affect the load on the FTP server. For more information, see Section 29.3, FTP Performance Settings.

    In the Authentication dialog, set whether the FTP server should be available for anonymous and/or authenticated users. For more information, see Section 29.4, Authentication.

    In the Expert Settings dialog, configure the operation mode of the FTP server, SSL connections and firewall settings. For more information, see Section 29.5, Expert Settings.

  4. Press Accept to save the configurations.

openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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