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System Administration Guide: Network Services
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Administering the Queue Directories (Task Map)

The following table describes the procedures for administering the mail queue.



For Instructions

Displaying the contents of the mail queue, /var/spool/mqueue

Use this procedure to see how many messages are in the queue and how fast the messages are being cleared from the queue.

How to Display the Contents of the Mail Queue, /var/spool/mqueue

Forcing mail queue processing for the mail queue, /var/spool/mqueue

Use this procedure to process messages to a system that previously was unable to receive messages.

How to Force Mail Queue Processing in the Mail Queue, /var/spool/mqueue

Running a subset of the mail queue, /var/spool/mqueue

Use this procedure to force a substring of an address, such as a host name, to be processed. Also, use this procedure to force a particular message out of the queue.

How to Run a Subset of the Mail Queue, /var/spool/mqueue

Moving the mail queue, /var/spool/mqueue

Use this procedure to move the mail queue.

How to Move the Mail Queue, /var/spool/mqueue

Running the old mail queue, /var/spool/omqueue

Use this procedure to run an old mail queue.

How to Run the Old Mail Queue, /var/spool/omqueue

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