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System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System
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Resources Included in the Configuration by Default

Configured Devices in lx Branded Zones

The devices supported by each zone are documented in the man pages and other documentation for that brand. The lx zone does not allow the addition of any unsupported or unrecognized devices. The framework detects any attempt to add an unsupported device. An error message is issued that indicates the zone configuration cannot be verified.

Note that access to an audio device running in the global zone can be added through the attr resource property as shown in Step 12 of How to Configure, Verify, and Commit the lx Branded Zone.

File Systems Defined in lx Branded Zones

The file systems that are required for a branded zone are defined in the brand. You can add additional Solaris file systems to an lx branded zone by using the fs resource property as shown in Step 9 of How to Configure, Verify, and Commit the lx Branded Zone.

Note - Adding local Linux file systems is not supported. You can NFS mount file systems from a Linux server.

Privileges Defined in lx Branded Zones

Processes are restricted to a subset of privileges. Privilege restriction prevents a zone from performing operations that might affect other zones. The set of privileges limits the capabilities of privileged users within the zone.

Default, required default, optional, and prohibited privileges are defined by each brand. You can also add or remove certain privileges by using the limitpriv property as shown in Step 8 of How to Configure, Verify, and Commit the lx Branded Zone. The table Table 26-1 lists all of the Solaris privileges and the status of each privilege with respect to zones.

For more information about privileges, see the ppriv(1) man page and System Administration Guide: Security Services.

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