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Solaris Express Developer Edition What's New
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New Features in Solaris Express 7/05

This section describes all features that are new or have been enhanced in the Solaris Express 7/05 release.

x86: AGPgart Driver for x86 Systems

This driver is new in the Solaris Express 7/05 release.

AGPgart driver is an xserver kernel module that uses system memory to enhance graphics display. This feature is useful for memoryless graphics devices such as Intel integrated graphics and AGP graphics, which need to use system memory as video buffers.

Desktop users who use Intel 810/830/855 series graphics devices can achieve higher resolution of screen images under Xorg xserver with only 1 megabyte of BIOS-allocated video RAM. Video driver developers can utilize the AGPgart driver to allocate system memory for 2-D display or 3-D display and to manage AGP devices.

For more information, see the agpgart_io(7I) man page.

x86: New prtconf Option to Display Product Names

This system administration tool enhancement is new in the Solaris Express 7/05 release.

A new -b option has been added to the prtconf command. This option displays the product name of a system. This option is similar to the uname -i command. However, the prtconf -b command is specifically designed to determine the marketing name of a product.

The -b option displays the following root properties from the firmware device tree:

  • name

  • compatible

  • banner-name

  • model

To display additional platform-specific output that might be available, add the -v option to the prtconf -b command.

For more information, see the prtconf(1M) man page and the System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration.

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