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Solaris Express Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations
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Sample Site Setup

Figure 13-1 shows the site setup for this example.

Figure 13-1 Sample Site for WAN Boot Installation
The context describes the graphic.

This sample site has the following characteristics.

  • The server wanserver-1 is to be configured as a WAN boot server and an install server.

  • The IP address of wanserver-1 is

  • The domain name of wanserver-1 is

  • wanserver-1 is running the current Solaris release.

  • wanserver-1 is running the Apache web server. The Apache software on wanserver-1 is configured to support HTTPS.

  • The client to be installed is named wanclient-1.

  • wanclient-1 is an UltraSPARCII system.

  • The client ID for wanclient-1 is 010003BA152A42.

  • The IP address of wanclient-1 is

  • The IP address of the client's subnet is

  • The client system wanclient-1 has Internet access, but is not directly connected to the network that includes wanserver-1.

  • wanclient-1 is a new system that is to be installed with the current Solaris release software.

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