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Solaris Express Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations
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Network Installation Commands

This table describes the commands you use to install Solaris software over the network. The table also indicates to which platform the commands apply.






A command that adds network installation information about a system to an install server or boot server from the network. The add_install_client(1M) man page contains more information.



A script that copies the current Solaris release DVD or CDs to an install server's local disk or copies the boot software to a boot server. The setup_install_server(1M) man page contains more information.

(CD media only) add_to_install_server


A script that copies additional packages within a product tree on the CDs to the local disk on an existing install server. The add_to_install_server(1M) man page contains more information.



A command that enables the mounting of file systems and shows the mounted file systems, including the file system on the Solaris DVD or Solaris Software and Solaris Languages CDs. The mount(1M) man page contains more information.

showmount -e


A command that lists all the shared file systems that are located on a remote host. The showmount(1M) man page contains more information.

uname -i


A command for determining a system's platform name, for example, SUNW,Ultra-5_10, or i86pc. You might need the system's platform name when you install the Solaris software. The uname(1) man page contains more information.

patchadd -C net_install_image


A command to add patches to the files that are located in the miniroot, Solaris_11 /Tools/Boot, on a net installation image of a DVD or CD that is created by setup_install_server. This facility enables you to patch Solaris installation commands and other miniroot-specific commands. net_install_image is the absolute path name of the net installation image. The patchadd(1M) man page contains more information.

Caution - Don't use the patchadd -C command unless you have read the Patch README instructions or have contacted your local Sun support office.



An Open Boot PROM command for resetting the system and rebooting the machine. Or, if you boot and see a series of error messages about I/O interrupts, press the Stop and A keys at the same time, and then type reset at the ok or > PROM prompt.



An Open Boot PROM command that displays system information, such as model name, Ethernet address, and memory installed. You can issue this command only at the ok or > PROM prompt.

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