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Solaris Containers: Resource Management and Solaris Zones Developer's Guide
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Using libpool to Manipulate Pool Configurations

The libpool(3LIB) pool configuration library defines the interface for reading and writing pools configuration files. The library also defines the interface for committing an existing configuration to becoming the running operating system configuration. The <pool.h> header provides type and function declarations for all library services.

The resource pools facility brings together process-bindable resources into a common abstraction that is called a pool. Processor sets and other entities can be configured, grouped, and labelled in a persistent fashion. Workload components can be associated with a subset of a system's total resources. The libpool(3LIB) library provides a C language API for accessing the resource pools facility. The pooladm(1M), poolbind(1M), and poolcfg(1M) make the resource pools facility available through command invocations from a shell.

Manipulate psets

The following list contains the functions associated with creating or destroying psets and manipulating psets.


Bind an LWP (lightweight process) or set of LWPs to a specified processor.


Assign a processor to a processor set.


Bind one or more LWPs (lightweight processes) to a processor set.


Create an empty processor set that contains no processors.


Destroy a processor set and release the associated constituent processors and processes.

pset_setattr(2), pset_getattr(2)

Set or get processor set attributes.

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