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OpenSolaris 2008.11 Distribution Constructor Guide
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Distribution Constructor Features

The distribution constructor application includes the following primary features:

Manifest File

An XML manifest file is a blueprint that specifies the contents and parameters of the ISO image that is created by the distribution constructor. The manifest specifies parameters such as the following:

  • Package names to include in the ISO image

  • Network location of the repository to access to retrieve packages for the image

  • Name and location of scripts used to finalize the creation of the new image

Some core fields in the manifest field must be completed manually by you. However, many other fields in the manifest provide preset, default values that result in an ISO image comparable to the OpenSolaris 2008.11 Live CD. Optionally, you can manually edit these preset fields in the manifest file to further customize the resulting image.

For instructions about editing the manifest file, see Editing the Manifest File.

Finalizer Scripts

The manifest file points to scripts that are used to customize the new image. These finalizer scripts transform the generic image into a media-specific distribution. The scripts that are provided in the application packages will generate the image that we distribute as the OpenSolaris 2008.11 Live CD. Start with these scripts, and with caution, add your own scripts to supplement. Edit the manifest file to point to any new scripts.

Note - While custom scripts are needed to create your own custom image, support for scripts is limited to the unmodified scripts that are supplied with the application packages. If you choose to customize these scripts, backup the original scripts first.

For further information about these scripts and how to customize them, see Using the Finalizer Scripts.

distro_constr Utility

After setting up the manifest and, optionally, customizing the finalizer scripts, you create an image by using the distro_contr utility from the command line.

For further information, see Creating an Image. See also the distro_const(1M) man page.

Checkpointing Options

The distribution constructor provides the ability to pause, or “checkpoint,” and resume at certain stages of the image-generation process. This checkpointing feature supports the process of developing and debugging images. Checkpointing is optional.

You use this feature by taking advantage of the checkpointing options that are available in the distro_const command.

For further information, see Using Checkpointing to Create an Image. See also the distro_const(1M) man page.

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