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OpenOffice Calc User Guide
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Using the zoom function

The zoom function allows you to change the view in order to see more or less cells in the window.

The zoom function can be activated by either:

  • Going to the View menu and selecting Zoom, or

  • Double-clicking on the percentage figure in the status bar at the bottom of the window.


Both methods will open the Zoom dialog (Figure 13). This dialog has the following options listed on the left side.

  • Entire Page – this option changes the view so that an entire page fits within the height and width of the window. The page is defined by the page format that has been applied to the sheet. This can be modified through Format > Page > Page tab or through Format > Styles and Formatting > Page Styles. In general, OOo will show at least one page within the window.

  • Page Width – this option changes the view so that the width of the page fits within the width of the screen. The page is defined as above. Where Entire Page can make cells appear quite small, Page Width will show the width of the page while possibly sacrificing the view of the entire height of the page.

  • Optimal – this option zooms the selected range to fit the screen and is normally greyed out to show that it is not available. To use this option, you must first highlight a range of cells.

  • Percentages – these options zoom the screen to a particular size, 100% being full size.

  • Variable – this option allows you to set a zoom percentage of your choice. Either use the up and down arrows to the right of the entry field or click three times in the field to select the current amount and type in your desired zoom level.

OpenOffice Calc User Guide
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