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OpenOffice Calc User Guide
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Modifying axes scales

We used the data in Figure 70 and selected it as we did in Figure 39 to plot Monthly Rentals: Canoes vs Boats as an XY scatter plot. We have used the standard Calc defaults, except we added a Title to the graph.


Figure 75 is not all that good as a graph. We are going to make a number of changes to improve its appearance:

  • Change the x-and y-axes so that the data points that now are lying right on the edges of the graph are easier to see.

  • Add x- and y- axis labels and a subtitle.

  • Get rid of the legend since it is not needed in this situation.

Some of these we have already seen above.

To change the axes scales:

  1. Double-click on the graph or Right Click > Edit.

  2. Select Format > Axis > X Axis or Right Click > Axis > X Axis.

  3. Uncheck the Automatic boxes.

  4. Input 5 for minimum, 20 for maximum, and 5 for major interval.

  5. Repeat steps 1–3 for the y-axis and input 16 for the minimum, 32 for the maximum, and 4 for the major interval.

OpenOffice Calc User Guide
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