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OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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Planning the styles

If you are using a mix of graphics, you may want to define two related styles, one with a border line for graphics with white backgrounds and one without a border for all other backgrounds. You also may want to design one or more frames for text only.

Otherwise, the default frame styles (listed in Table 1) cover most users’ needs. The only significant addition that many users might need is one or more styles for text frames.

Table 1. Various frame styles and their uses

Style Comments and Use
Formula The frame style used for formulas. The default includes AutoSize, which adjusts the size of the frame to the formula.
Frame The default frame style.
Graphics The default style for graphics. The defaults include autosizing to fit the graphic, no text wrap, and a thin border around the frame. These are reasonable defaults, except for the border. Unless the background of the graphic is white and the document’s background also is white, the border usually is unnecessary.
Labels The default style for use with File > New > Labels. It seems to be used by automatically and is not intended for users at all.
Marginalia A style for placing a frame beside the left margin. As the name suggests, the Marginalia style is intended for comments added in the margin of text. The style also is useful for creating sideheads—headings against the left margin, which often are used in technical documentation. To set up sideheads, create body-text paragraph styles with two inches or more indentation from the left. Then, place the cursor at the start of a body-text paragraph, add the frame, and apply the Marginalia style.
OLE The default style for OLE objects and floating frames. The default places the frame at the top and center of a body of text.
Watermark The default style for a watermark, a graphic placed as the background to a body of text. The default is a Through wrap, with text passing over the frame and anything in it. The graphic should be faint enough that text still is readable over top of it.

OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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