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OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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Status bar

The Writer status bar provides information about the document and convenient ways to quickly change some document features. From left to right, the fields are as follows.

Page number

Shows the current page number, the sequence number of the current page (if different), and the total number of pages in the document. For example, if you restarted page numbering at 1 on the third page, its page number is 1 and its sequence number is 3.

If any bookmarks have been defined in the document, a right-click on this field pops up a list of bookmarks; click on the required one.

To jump to a specific page in the document, double-click in this field. The Navigator opens (see page 13). Click in the Page Number field and type the required page number.

Page style

Shows the style of the current page. To change the page style, right-click on this field. A list of page styles pops up; choose a different style by clicking on it.

To edit the page style, double-click on this field. The Page Style dialog box opens.


Shows the language for the selected text.

Click to open a menu where you can choose another language for the selected text or for the paragraph where the cursor is located. You can also choose None to exclude the text from spellchecking or choose More... to open the Character dialog box.

Insert mode

Click to toggle between Insert and Overwrite modes when typing.

Selection mode

Click to toggle between STD (Standard), EXT (Extend), ADD (Add) and BLK (Block) selection. EXT is an alternative to Shift+click when selecting text. See Chapter 3 (Working with Text) for more information about ADD and BLK.

Digital signature

If the document has been digitally signed, an icon [[Image:]] shows in this part of the Status bar. You can double-click the icon to view the certificate.

Section or object information

When the cursor is on a section or object (such as a picture), information about that item appears in this field. Double-clicking in this area opens a relevant dialog box.

Object Information shown Dialog box opened
Picture Size and position Format Picture
List item     Level and list style Bullets and Numbering<ref name="ftn1">If a list style was used with a list item or heading, no dialog box appears.</ref>
Heading Outline numbering level Bullets and Numbering1
Table Name or number and cell reference of cursor Table Format
Other (Blank) Fields (Cross References page)

1 If a list style was used with a list item or heading, no dialog box appears.

View layout

Click the appropriate icon to change between single page, side-by-side, and book layout views. You can edit the document in any view.

View layouts: single, side-by-side, book


To change the view magnification, drag the Zoom slider or click on the + and – signs. You can also right-click on the zoom level percentage to select a magnification value. Zoom interacts with the selected view layout to determine how many pages are visible in the document window.


Changing document views

Writer has several ways to view a document: Print Layout, Web Layout, and Full Screen. To access these and other choices, go to the View menu and click on the required view. (When in Full Screen view, press the Esc key to return to either Print or Web Layout view.)

When in Web Layout, you can use the Zoom slider on the Status bar, as described above. In Print Layout, you can use both the Zoom slider and the View Layout icons on the Status bar.

You can also choose View > Zoom from the menu bar to display the Zoom & View Layout dialog box, where you can set the same options as on the Status bar. In Web Layout view, most of the choices are not available.

Choosing Zoom and View Layout options

OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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