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OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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Set operations

Operation Command Display
Is ina in Ba∈B
Is not ina notin Ba∉B
OwnsA owns bA\!\ni\! b
Empty setemptyset\emptyset
IntersectionA intersection BA∩B
UnionA union BA∪B
DifferenceA setminus BA\!\setminus\! B
QuotientA slash BA\!/\! B
SubsetA subset BA⊂B
Subset or equal toA subseteq BA⊆B
SupersetA supset BA⊃B
Superset or equal toA supseteq BA⊇B
Not subsetA nsubset BA / B
Not subset or equalA nsubseteq BA / B
Not supersetA nsupset BA / B
Not superset or equalA nsupseteq BA / B
Set of natural numberssetN\mathbb{N}
Set of integerssetZ\mathbb{Z}
Set of rational numberssetQ\mathbb{Q}
Set of real numberssetR\mathbb{R}
Set of complex numberssetC\mathbb{C}

OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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