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OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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Find and replace specific formatting

A very powerful use of Find & Replace takes advantage of the format option. For example, you might want to replace underlined words with italics.

On the Find & Replace dialog box with More Options displayed:

  1. To search for text with specific formatting, enter the text in the Search for box. To search for specific formatting only, delete any text in the Search for box.
  2. Click Format to display the Text Format (Search) dialog box. The tabs on this dialog box are similar to those on the Paragraph format and Paragraph Style dialog boxes. Choose the formats you want to search for and then click OK. The names of selected formats appear under the Search for box. For example, you might search for all text in 14-point bold Helvetica.
  3. To replace text, enter the replacement text in the Replace with box.
    To search for specific text with specific formatting (for example, the word hello in bold), specify the formatting, put the text in the Search for box and leave the Replace with box blank.>br />To remove specific character formatting, click Format, select the Font tab, then select the opposite format (for example, No Bold). The No Format button on the Find & Replace dialog box clears all previously selected formats.
  4. Click Find, Find All, Replace, or Replace All.
Image:Tip.png Unless you plan to search for other text using those same attributes, click No Format to remove the attributes after completing your search. If you forget to do this, you may wonder why your next search fails to find words you know are in the document.

OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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