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OpenOffice Impress 3.x Guide
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Moving around the spreadsheet

How a spreadsheet is organized

A spreadsheet consists normally of multiple tables which in turn contain cells. However, in Impress only one of these tables can be shown at any given time on a slide.

The default for a spreadsheet embedded in Impress is one single table called Sheet 1. The name of the table is shown at the bottom of the spreadsheet area (see Figure 3).

If required, you can add other sheets. To do that:

  1. Right-click on the bottom area near the existing tab.
  2. Select Insert > Sheet from the pop-up menu.

Just like in Calc, you can rename a sheet or move it to a different position using the same pop-up menu or the Insert menu on the main menu bar.

Image:documentation_note.png Even if you have many sheets in your embedded spreadsheet, only one sheet—the one which is active when leaving the spreadsheet edit mode—is shown on the slide.

Each of the sheets is further organized into cells. Cells are the elementary unit of the spreadsheet. They are identified by a row number (shown on the left hand side on gray background) and a column letter (shown in the upper part again on gray background). For example, the top left cell is identified as A1, while the third cell in the second row is C2. All data, whether text or numbers, is input in a cell.

Moving the cursor to a cell

To move around the spreadsheet and select the cell which has the focus, you can:

  • Use the arrow keys.
  • Left-click with the mouse on the desired cell.
  • Use the combinations Enter and Shift+Enter to move one cell down or one cell up respectively; Tab key and Shift+Tab key to move one cell to the right or to the left respectively.

Other keyboard shortcuts are available to move quickly to certain cells of the spreadsheet. Refer to Chapter 5 (Getting Started with Calc) in the Getting Started guide for further information.

OpenOffice Impress 3.x Guide
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