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OpenOffice Impress 3.x Guide
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Modifying the slide show

Now review the entire presentation and answer some questions. Run the slide show at least once before answering them. You might want to add some questions of your own.

  1. Are the slides in the correct order? If not, some of them will need to be moved.
  2. Would an additional slide make a particular point clearer? If so, another slide needs to be created.
  3. Would some custom animations help some of the slides? (Advanced technique.)
  4. Should some of the slides have a different slide transition than others? The transition of those slides should be changed.
  5. Do some of the slides seem unnecessary? Delete the affected slide or slides after checking if they are indeed unnecessary.
Image:documentation_caution.png If one or more slides seems to be unnecessary, hide the slide or slides, and view the slide show a few more times to make sure. To hide a slide, right-click the slide in the Slides pane. Select Hide Slide in the pop-up menu. Do not delete a slide until you have done this, otherwise you may have to create that slide again.

Once you have answered these and your own questions, you should make the necessary changes. This is done most easily in the [[#Slide Sorter view|Slide Sorter view]). If you need one or more new slides, create them using the steps listed in Inserting additional slides.

Renaming slides

Right-click on a thumbnail in the Slides pane or the Slide Sorter and choose Rename Slide from the pop-up menu. In the Name field, delete the old name of the slide and type the new name. Click OK to save the change.

Custom animations

If you know how to add a custom animation to a slide and wish to do so, do it now. Custom animations are found on the Tasks pane. This is an advanced technique and is explained in Chapter 9 (Slide shows).

Slide transitions

Your first slide show should probably have the same slide transition for all slides. Setting Advance slide to On mouse click is the default and a simple setting. If you want each slide to be shown for a specific amount of time, click Automatically after and enter the number of seconds. Click Apply to all slides.

Transition choices are found on the Tasks pane. For more information about slide transitions, see Chapter 9 (Slide Shows).

Image:Tip.png The Slide transition section has a very useful choice: Automatic preview. Select its checkbox. Then when you make any changes in a slide transition, the new slide is previewed in the Slide Design area, including its transition effect.

OpenOffice Impress 3.x Guide
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