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OpenOffice 3.x Getting Started Guide
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Shortcut keysResult
Select the toolbar with F6. Use the Down Arrow and Right Arrow to select the desired toolbar icon and press Ctrl+EnterInserts a Drawing Object.
Select the document with Ctrl+F6 and press TabSelects a Drawing Object.
TabSelects the next Drawing Object.
Shift+TabSelects the previous Drawing Object.
Ctrl+HomeSelects the first Drawing Object.
Ctrl+EndSelects the last Drawing Object.
EscEnds Drawing Object selection.
Esc (in Handle Selection Mode)Exits Handle Selection Mode and returns to Object Selection Mode.
Up/down/left/right arrowMoves the selected point (the snap-to-grid functions are temporarily disabled, but end points still snap to each other).
Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right ArrowMoves the selected Drawing Object one pixel (in Selection Mode).
Re-sizes a Drawing Object (in Handle Selection Mode).
Rotates a Drawing Object (in Rotation Mode).
Opens the properties dialog for a Drawing Object.
Activates the Point Selection mode for the selected drawing object.
SpacebarSelects a point of a drawing object (in Point Selection mode) or cancels the selection.
The selected point blinks once per second.
Shift+SpacebarSelects an additional point in Point Selection mode.
Ctrl+TabSelects the next point of the drawing object (Point Selection mode).
In Rotation mode, the center of rotation can also be selected.
Shift+Ctrl+TabSelects the previous point of the drawing object (Point Selection mode).
Ctrl+EnterPlaces a new drawing object with default size in the center of the current view.
Ctrl+Enter at the Selection iconActivates the first drawing object in the document.
EscLeaves the Point Selection mode. The drawing object is selected afterwards.
Edits a point of a drawing object (Point Edit mode).
Any text or numerical keyIf a drawing object is selected, switches to edit mode and places the cursor at the end of the text in the drawing object. A printable character is inserted.

OpenOffice 3.x Getting Started Guide
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