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OpenOffice Calc 3.x Guide
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Page style options

Several of the page style options are described in more detail in Chapter 5 (Printing, Exporting, and E-mailing), because manually formatting a sheet at print time (using Format > Page) actually modifies the page style.


Use the Page tab to edit the overall appearance of the page and its layout. The available options are shown below.

Page Style: Page tab.

Paper format

Here you can set a generic paper type to be used. Letter or A4 are most common, but you can also use legal, tabloid, envelope sizes, or user-defined paper types. You can also define the orientation of the page and which print tray for the paper to come from (if your printer has more than one tray).


Here you can set the margins for the page.

Layout settings: Page layout

Here you can specify whether to apply the formatting to right (odd) pages only, left (even) pages only, or both right and left pages that use the current page style.

Mirrored formats the pages as if you want to bind the printed pages like a book.

The first page of a document is assumed to be an odd page.

Layout settings: Format

This area specifies the page numbering style for this page style.

Layout settings: Table alignment

This option specifies the alignment options for the cells on a printed page, either horizontal or vertical.


The Border and Background tabs for pages duplicate the tabs of the same name on cell styles, and are over-ridden by the cell style or manual settings. You may choose to ignore the Border and Background tabs altogether in page styles. Both tabs are illustrated with helpful diagrams.

Similar to formatting a cell style, use the Borders tab to choose whether the page should have borders, how large the borders should be, and how far the text will be from the borders.


Use this tab to specify the background for this page style. You can apply either a solid color or a picture as a background.


Use this tab to design and apply the header for this page style. For more detailed instructions on how to format the header, please see Chapter 5 (Printing, Exporting, and E-mailing).


Use this tab to design and apply the footer for this page style. For more detailed instructions on how to format the footer, please see Chapter 5 (Printing, Exporting, and E-mailing).


By far the most important settings for Calc page styles are on the Sheet tab. Although the Sheet tab includes an option that sets the first page option, most of its settings involve exactly how your spreadsheet will print. Please see Chapter 5 (Printing, Exporting, and E-mailing) for more about this tab.

Creating new (custom) styles

You may want to add some new styles. You can do this in two ways:

  • Creating a new style using the Style dialog
  • Creating a new style from a selection
Image:documentation_note.png New styles apply only to this document; they are not be saved in the template. To save new styles in a template, see Copying and moving styles and Creating a template.

OpenOffice Calc 3.x Guide
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