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OpenOffice Calc 3.x Guide
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Auto filters

Use auto filters to quickly create easily accessible filters found to be commonly used in many different types of applications. After creating an auto filter for a specific column, a combo box is added to the column. The combo box provides quick access to each of the auto filter types.

  • The All auto filter causes all rows to be visible.
  • The Standard auto filter opens the Standard Filter dialog and is the same as the standard filter.
  • The Top 10 auto filter displays the ten rows with the largest value. If the value 70 is in the top ten values, then all rows containing the value 70 in the filtered column are displayed. In other words, more than ten rows may be displayed.
  • An auto filter entry is created for each unique entry in the column.

To create an auto filter, first select the columns to filter. For example, using the data in Table 1, select data in columns B and C. If you do not select the title rows, Calc asks if the title row or the current row should be used. Although you can place the auto filter in any row, only the rows below the auto filter are filtered. Use Data > Filter > AutoFilter to insert the auto filter combo box in the appropriate cell. Finally, use the drop-down arrow to choose an appropriate auto filter.

Use an auto filter with column C.

Remove an auto filter by repeating the steps to create the auto filter—in other words, the menu option acts as a toggle to turn the auto filter on and off. When an auto filter is removed, the combo box is removed from the cell. The macro in Listing 4 demonstrates creating an auto filter for a range.

OpenOffice Calc 3.x Guide
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