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Microsoft Office to OpenOffice Migration Guide
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has 4 or 5 views, depending on the version (here with the 5 views of Word 2003) called:

Normal: Recommended view (by Microsoft) for doing most of your typing and editing. Writer has no real equivalent view.

Print Layout: This shows the document (more or less) as it will print. This is the closest equivalent to the Print Layout view in Writer.

Web Layout: In theory, this shows the document as if viewed on-line. Writers equivalent is a view option called Web Layout. To access this view, select View > Web Layout.

Reading Layout: Reading Layout view formats your screen to make reading your document more comfortable. Writer has no real equivalent view, but you can go to View > Zoom to choose the view that will fit the best for you on your screen.

Outline: For working with heading hierarchies. Outline view displays the document in outline form. Headings can be displayed without the text. If you move a heading, the accompanying text moves with it. Writer has the Navigator, which is detailed later in this chapter.

Writer also has an HTML source view that only shows when editing an HTML document. To access this view, select View > HTML Source.

When field codes are turned on, Writer displays less information about the field than does Word. To get detailed information, right-click the field > Fields (or select the field > Edit > Fields).

Microsoft Office to OpenOffice Migration Guide
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